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Who We Are

Who We Are

(pronounced: third effects)

We exist to serve as the conduit that will assist our associates and clients evolve their ideas into reality. That is our development process, as we aim to bear truth to our maxim “…invention into innovation…” in all our operations, activities and projects.

#DigitalNomads since 2002, 3rdEFX provides DTP (Desktop Publishing – Graphic Design and Publications); ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and DM (Digital Marketing) consulting and services. We have an impressive global footprint working with numerous governments, education institutions and private companies across the world!

We partner ourselves primarily with organisations working for the socio-economic development of our communities. With our local and remote team of oP3rators, 3rdEFX has presence and operations across Africa, the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia.


The single objective is to position 3rdEFX as the premier company in DTP, ICT and Digital Marketing consulting and support services. With the advent of the internet, the world is closer and connected. We thus serve the global community with local solutions with a global impact, or not.  3rdEFX is determined to ultimately become an instrumental factor in the tripartite integration of technological and graphical (and publishing) and communications development in the communities we operate in, and in turn contributing to the economic growth and capacity of these local communities to their respective towns. Their regions. Their country. Their Continent. Our World!

3rdEFX has three main service areas and operations, each with their own mandates and operations. It is the fusion of these three that we bear testimony to providing holistic communication services. The consulting services offered are:

Create and distribute technological wealth;

Generate employment and opportunities;

Ensure sustainability of projects;

To provide unparalleled DTP, ICT and DM services and support;

To provide clients with complete services through knowledge, creativity, experience and professionalism;

To provide clients with well-priced projects and solutions;

To empower clients with skills and information relating to the provided solutions.

We have based our operations and company culture on the nine values of a highly innovative organisation:

• Innovation

• Creativity

• Diversity

• Entrepreneurship

• Customer Relation and Support

• Quality Maintenance

• Reliability and Dependability

• Value Added Service

• Loyalty to Clients and to Self


. . . ! ! ! . . .

(…invention into innovation…)